New P1,5 LEDskin®

Meet the new P1,5 LEDskin® that has all the specifications to revolutionise the (rental) industry. The COB LED technology is known for its high resolution and great robustness. But there's more...
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Tech talk
Pitch 1,5 mm
Resolution 320x320 HxV pix
496x496x62 mm
Extremely lightweight 6,1 kg
Robust COB LED technology
Compatible with b62 frames
Fast & hassle-free build-up
Seamless finish
Let us explain
Pixel pitch
Distance between 2 LEDs expressed in millimetres. The smaller the pitch, the closer the LEDs are to each other and the better the quality.
COB LED technology
Many LED chips are mounted on a thermally efficient substrate below a uniform phosphor coating. This technology makes the tiles extremely robust