beCAD® new releases

  • Thumbnails for baseplates.

Thumbnails for baseplates

  • Filter on project view: all projects / my projects.

Filter on project view


  • Export for render:

Export for render functionality

You can find the command "export for render" under the 3 dots of your ribbon.


A pop-up appears and you can choose between 2 types of export: .stp and/or .dwg 
You can also choose the export type:

structure = frames without infills
Structure + panels = frames + infills

You can also select if you want to include the calculated parts (connectors).
Tip: if you only want to use the export for render,  we advise the "structure with panels" and NOT include calculated parts. The size of the export will be reduced without all the calculated parts.


After confirm, you will see in the right bottom a message "your files are being generated".

Please have patience and wait until you see the next message: Your files have been generated find them here.

03   04

The files are available under the project files tab.


  • Updated dashboard:
Support on top always visible!
Always access to new releases page.
Always access to beCAD training calendar.
  • Products:
More dimensions available for the scaling of lightboxes.
Lightboxes 124 & 186 variant.
pop-IN update.
beConstruct update.
  • Updated admin page.
  • Updated engine:

Strong ceiling connector.
Mobile insert & M8 on 2 storage doors.

  • 3D:
No floor included in OBJ export.
Scaling perfect cover set.
Scaling glass frame.
Fix on Lightboxes scaling for US.
Fix on building plan with transparent frames.
  • Spread one image on every infill.
  • Add text and parts list to the building plan.
  • Restore a save in the backups section.
  • Screenshotting transparent frames. Take the screenshot again and they will appear in the top left corner.
  • Add beCAD users to your company and work together in one project. 
  • Autosave functionality every 2-3 minutes.
  • Updated library.
  • Multiple images as infills and vice-versa.
  • Place any colour on infills.
  • Automatic cover placement on the visible sides of frames.
  • Multiselect and add accessories: with just one click you add lighting, shelves, brackets and baseplates.
  • Export to various extensions: your design is exported to a cloud service creating a .stp and .dwg file. 
  • Scaling glass frame.
  • Placing weights as an accessory.
  • Update templates.
  • Increase performance.
  • Orientation accessories.

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