LEDskin® by beMatrix

LEDskin® transforms your beMatrix designs into a stunning attraction that draws in crowds using animation and motion. Turn your exhibit or event into an experience that captivates. Continue reading to learn all of LEDskin's features! 

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Seamless LED integration

beMatrix was the first to launch LEDskin® back in 2017 and immediately made waves in the industry. This was the introduction of a LED system specifically designed for tradeshow booths and exhibits. LEDskin® was created with the 62 mm matrix in mind, meaning that every design is completely seamless. LEDskin® is entirely modular, meaning it can be arranged in any orientation to create large video screens of different shapes and sizes. All the cables can be hidden within the frame, and the module fits perfectly in our b62 modular frame system thanks to its 62 mm thickness.

LED PANELS+iF Design Award 2018
Be the first, be the best

beMatrix was the first LED module designed to fit in a frame system and has been awarded with several globally-recognized awards. Examples of these awards include the Reddot Design Award in 2017 and the IF Design Award in 2018. These awards prove just how innovative LEDskin® was, and continues to be, for our industry. 

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A perfect fit with beMatrix frames

Our LED panels were designed specifically to fit within beMatrix's 62 mm system. This allows designers to add LEDskin® nearly anywhere to any design. Because LEDskin® is designed to fit in the 62 mm matrix, designs have a seamless finish and assemble with ease.

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LEDskin® P1.5 powered by Unilumin

beMatrix and Unilumin launched a high quality LEDskin® cabinet in pixel pitch 1.5 mm with COB Flip Chip LED technology. A robust game changer and a first in the rental business. This design is patented.

Core specifications:

  • Entirely compatible with the beMatrix 62 mm system
  • State-of-the-art COB (FC) technology: robust cabinet
  • 320x320 HxV pix highest resolution
  • Brightness 600 Nits, contrast ≥ 10 000/1
  • Size 496x496x62 mm, pixel pitch 1.5 mm
  • Extremely lightweight 13.5 lb cabinet


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LEDskin® P2.5 powered by Infiled

beMatrix and Infiled launched a new generation 2.5 pixel pitch LEDskin® with improved video resolution and improved  LED surface strength due to the innovative IMD 2in1 LED technology.

Core specifications:

  • Entirely compatible with the beMatrix 62 mm system
  • Modern IMD 2.5 MT2 technology: high color consistency
  • 192x192 HxV pix highest resolution
  • Brightness 1200 Nits, contrast ≥ 5000/1
  • Size 496x496x62 mm, pixel pitch 2.5 mm
  • Lightweight 16.5 lb cabinet


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Get to know everything about LEDskin®

Learn the technical specs of LEDskin and see the limitless options for your designs! 

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